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Project Overview

We collaborated with INPHANTRY to develop a creative concept that represented the client’s brand and was doable within our budget and timeframe. The video would be used to kickoff an event and get employees and partners excited about the future of their industry. We had two weeks to bring everything together; from our initial kick-off to shoot day. Immediately we began casting and sourcing locations, while simultaneously developing and refining our story and shot lists.

To find the talent that fit our roles, we posted online casting calls and reached out to local agencies (We didn’t have the time or budget to do a live casting). At the same time, we used online location resources, personal connections, and even canvassed potential construction sites to find the ideal setting for each scene. We scouted each location to confirm they all fit the bill and took the opportunity to plan our blocking and framing ahead of time with help from our CineScout app. CineScout allows us to view our lenses’ field of view through an iPhone camera, and take photos as reference.

After we created our props list, we sourced all of our items through a variety of channels; rentals, online purchases, and even called in a few favors from friends. Among the unusual props needed was a fake silicone pregnancy belly, and a variety of medical equipment to sell the hospital scene. INPHANTRY designed and built a custom Plexiglas tablet, where our holograms would be composited. We instructed cast on wardrobe and had them bring options for us to choose from on set.

Day 1

One of the biggest challenges to our first day was the timing; we had a lot of scenes to get through, and multiple locations to shoot. We also planned to shoot our beach scene at sunset, which meant none of our other scenes could run over their allotted time. We knew exactly what time we needed to arrive and the sun’s exact positioning. We arrived right on time, but the clouds rolled in just as we were about to hit record. After waiting for 10-15 minutes and just as all hope was lost, the clouds broke and we were able to capture some of the best shots in the video just before the sun dropped below the horizon.

Day 2

The morning of day 2 started in the client’s showroom. We needed to shoot before they opened to avoid disturbing their customers. We can certainly shoot around customers if the scene requires it, but ideally, we will turn off all overhead lighting and use our own. Our lights are high-quality with precise color accuracy, output control, diffusion, and mobility. This control allows us to create the best visuals in any environment.

We packed up and moved to our next location. The home we chose was a newly constructed building with minimal furniture. This location fit our scene perfectly, mimicking a bare bones, newly built home on move-in day. While the location was great for the scene, we had to navigate a steep staircase to the second floor. We knew this would be a time-consuming process, and our large crew definitely proved its worth by getting all of the equipment and props into place in a timely manner.

Instead of shooting in an actual hospital room, we dressed a spare bedroom to look like one. This gave us a lot more flexibility with much less red tape, and even better, helped with our time constraints. Later in the video, we reset the hospital room as a baby’s room. This is a great example of how beneficial well-planned set design and props can be when creating a scene!

Day 3

For day 3, we secured access to a beautiful apartment that we retrofitted as an architect’s office. Our budget only gave us half of the day in the space, so we needed to make sure that we had a solid plan to make the most of our time on-site. We also knew we wanted the shoot to take place in the evening to show how simple it was to communicate, even across time zones. To get the “evening” shot, we arrived at the location at 4 am in order to light our scene prior to sun up. The early morning was rough on everyone, but it was well worth it for the great shots.


Once we wrapped our whirlwind 3-day shoot, we moved onto editing. We tweaked our voiceover script, testing it over our sequence by recording our own scratch track. Once the edit was approved we moved on to our voiceover casting. We submitted 10-15 of our preferences to the client, who ultimately chose Rachel West, a perfect fit for the role. We dialed in to a remote recording and gave her feedback in real time.

Once our edit was finalized, we did a color pass before handing the project back to INPHANTRY to take care of the VFX. Kevin is one of the most talented people we know, and he did an incredible job with the futuristic holograms in the video.

In the end, the client, Hastings, loved the final product as much as we did. We love to collaborate with talented partners, and working with INPHANTRY is always a blast!



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