"Brand Anthem" — Great Auk Outfitters

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Project Overview

We were extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Great Auk Outfitters to create this brand anthem video featuring their premiere cruelty-free and carbon-neutral down-free jacket.

When Great Auk asked us to produce a video that would excite audiences and drive traffic to their website the gears immediately began to turn. We gathered reference videos and developed a wish list of scenes to convey our concept to the brand. Once we had alignment on the vision, we scouted locations and planned shoot days around weather patterns. It was important that we were in the midst of the elements—part of the action, not a bystander, just looking on.

The video takes viewers back and forth from the rugged outdoors to the unforgiving city commute in winter. These scenes target both of the brand’s demographics - city dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. We show that the jacket is versatile, reliable, and most importantly, stylish, whether in rain, driving snow, or bitter cold. We drove home the intensity of the elements with sound design and an energetic music track. We wrote a poetic and passionate voiceover, then found the ideal vocal tone through casting to complete the piece perfectly.


Kyle Couture
Great Auk Outfitters
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Gradient Films

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