"Women's Suit" — Ministry of Supply

Client Partnership

We have been working closely with Boston-based clothing retailer, Ministry of Supply (MOS) to produce product videos. Our collaborative partnership with MOS has allowed our team to freely develop concepts, testing variations of videos against their targeted audiences.

After meeting with the Ministry of Supply’s Creative Director, we begin developing a variety of high-level concepts and budget ranges based on the product line they wish to highlight. Once they have chosen a concept to run with, we create a mood board and shot list that aligns with product features, as well as on-screen copy options. Providing copy references helps us plan framing and placement in post-production. Additionally, square and 16x9 formats are considered to maximize optimization across multiple media platforms.

Once the client has signed off on these early stages of development, we source and prep all of the props, plan each scene and test our techniques before the scheduled production day. This planning is specific to the needs of each video.

In one instance, we used this time to develop an apparatus that stretched the fabric to highlight the clothing’s versatility. In another, we sourced a fish-tank to convey their clothing’s ‘Machine Washable’ feature, allowing the viewer to see every twist and turn of the clothing item in soapy water.

The majority of our Ministry of Supply projects are shot in-studio, allowing our team to control every facet of the production. We pre-light each set, make necessary, last-minute changes and allow MOS’ talented in-house stylists to assure each piece of clothing looks flawless.

A studio driven shoot means we have all of our gear readily available, giving us full creative freedom to experiment. Additionally, we are only steps from our editing station, allowing us to upload and review footage with the client on-site.

After we wrap production, editing beings. Our first rough cut for the client’s review includes music options and temporary copy. Once approved, we move on to add finishing touches with sound design, color grading, and graphics. Lastly, we provide final deliverables in both 16x9 and square formats for sharing.


Women's Suit
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Our company has had the pleasure of working with the Gradient team on several productions now and they always surpass expectations. They are organized, creative, and willing to work until the output is just right. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for truly professional quality video production!
Brian Hammonds
Art Director