Men and Women's "Made to Travel" — Ministry of Supply

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Project Overview

When Ministry of Supply asked us to shoot a video that showcased the traveling aspect of their clothing we were a bit concerned based on the approved budget. We had to get creative with how we’d shoot it. We knew we needed to be efficient; did we mention they wanted both a men’s and women’s version of the ad? Moving between physical locations would be tricky, so we decided to go the studio route, and glad we did. We took the top-down style trending in fashion ads to another level, bringing in props and set designs like artificial grass, beach sand, and a bed to sell the various scenes. We meticulously organized the props to work aesthetically in both a 16x9 and 1x1 flat lay for all use cases. Additionally, sound design and text overlays helped tell the story, and showcase the various product features the client wanted to get across.


Men and Women's "Made to Travel"
Ministry of Supply
Production Company
Gradient Films
Kyle Couture

Services Provided

"Our company has had the pleasure of working with the Gradient team on several productions now and they always surpass expectations. They are organized, creative, and willing to work until the output is just right. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for truly professional quality video production!"
Brian Hammonds
Art Director
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