Meet The Crew


We are a team of like minded creatives, joined together to by our passion for storytelling. From our core team to our network of freelance partners, we strive for excellence on every project we work on.


Kyle Couture

Kyle does a little bit of everything when it comes to filmmaking. Whether it's putting on a wetsuit and braving the cold winter waters, or hiking up a mountain with a 50lb pack, Kyle will go above and beyond to get a cool shot.


Chris Gilmore

Chris is passionate about people and their stories. He is the most friendly and personable guy you'll meet, charming everyone he comes in contact with.


Taylor Pelletier

Taylor's positive attitude and cool demeanor will be the second thing you notice about him after his perfect hair. Taylor is an all around production all star and team player.


Joe Sousa

Joe is an Emmy-nominated director. Along with his commercial work, he's made over 30 hours of nationally broadcast non-fiction TV and has shot films on 6 continents.