Meet The Crew


We are a team of like minded creatives, joined together to by our passion for storytelling. From our core team to our network of freelance partners, we strive for excellence on every project we work on.


Kyle Couture

Kyle is the definition of a dedicated filmmaker. Whether it’s suiting up to brave freezing winter waters or scaling a mountain with a 50lb pack, Kyle will do whatever it takes to get the shot that best tells the story.


Ingrid Adamow

Ingrid’s organizational prowess and detail-oriented approach to production are second to none. Years of experience in art and media make her an invaluable asset to the team, no matter the project. And she’s pretty funny, too!


Tyler Chipman

Tyler is a born storyteller and lifelong cinephile. His love of creative collaboration makes him a fun, welcoming presence on set, as he believes great filmmaking is, and always will be, a team sport.


Chris Gilmore

Chris is passionate about people and their stories. He is the most friendly and personable guy you'll meet, charming everyone he comes in contact with.